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Educating people

about the dangers of child labour

A lack of awareness about the negative effects of child labour can play a role in perpetuating it. To address this, we are investing in Community Liaison People (CLPs) to work with and educate their own communities.

Our CLPs are chosen directly by their communities. Because this happens in a traditional way, they are trusted and respected by the people they represent.

This makes them ideal not just to identify cases of child labour, but also to raise awareness levels and foster a change in attitudes.



Community members educated
on child labour issues

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Education inspires education

CLPs are taught how to run awareness-raising sessions as part of their job training and are provided with materials to support these activities.

Awareness-raising sessions are either run at a community-wide level or with small groups of people, such as particular families depending on the circumstances.

Work being done by the Nestlé Cocoa Plan, such as farmer education, has so far trained 57,000 farmers on better farming practices and complements the activities of CLPs.

The CLPs programme helps create a more professional body of farmers, who are less likely to use their children as child labourers.


Community Liaison
People (CLPs)


Child Labour Agents
who support the CLPs


Community awareness-raising
sessions conducted since 2012


Small group awareness
raising sessions conducted
since 2012

Increased community awareness supports efforts to reduce child labour. We believe that appropriate and well targeted educational initiatives can shift attitudes.

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