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Fostering improvement

in West Africa

Helping children by removing them from child labour is at the heart of our actions, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. By investigating individual situations, testing different methods to offer support and rolling out those that work the best, we are taking children out of risk.

Finding the right solutions

In some cases, remediation is highly individualised and focused on the specific needs of a particular child.

In others, it can cast its net wider and aim to tackle broader problems that affect the whole community.

We are trying various forms of remediation across this spectrum and are continually refining our approach as we learn which approaches are most effective.

We are also committed to reporting publically on how successful these approaches are, to accelerate the learning curve of others.

Remediation is at the very heart of our efforts to tackle child labour. Education is an important component but must be accompanied by activities that reduce the need for children to work with their parents in the fields.


Remediation actions undertaken

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Not all remediation activities we have attempted have proven successful. However, when the right solution is applied to the right situation, the results can change lives.

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