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Focus of our work to date

The scale of our system is substantial, with over 75 co-operatives and more than 48,000 farmers covered, representing over 130,000 tonnes of cocoa supply.

The main achievement to date has been to interview these farmers and identify which of their children are actively engaged in (or at risk of) child labour. As the Nestlé Cocoa Plan continues to expand, this will remain a key focus.

Our Approach family

Not only has this information allowed us to start taking more targeted action, it has also supplied a baseline of data, against which we can monitor the long-term success of the programme.

This gives us a vastly improved understanding of both the scale of the problem and the conditions that produce it. As a direct result of this insight, 7,327 children have been identified as being in child labour since the programme began in 2012.

Our system has followed up with 5,232 of these children, with the rest to follow once we more closely analyse their situation and decide on the best course of action in each case.

Going beyond certification

Nestlé’s initial response to the problem was to try and end child labour by placing significant downward pressure on our supply chain.

In time, we came to find that without additional support for farmers on the ground, certification alone tended to drive the issue underground.


5–17 year olds currently
being monitored by the
Nestlé Cocoa Plan CLMRS, with
scale-up continuing


Children being helped to date by
the Nestlé Cocoa Plan CLMRS


CHF spent in 2016 on the CLMRS
and school building/refurbishment


Number of communities in
which the system is operating

By using a local Community Liaison Person (CLP) to gather information, farmers are reassured that they will not face commercial sanctions for admitting to child labour when they have no realistic alternatives.